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You are exhausted.

You have tried multiple diets in the name of health.

You want to feel better about yourself and improve your lifestyle. But every diet and intervention you have tried has not worked.

You feel more tired, stressed and guilty about food. You feel out of control around foods with "bad" food. You know that there needs to be a break to this constant battle but you do not know where to start. When you stick to the rules, you feel in control, but as soon as you "get off track", you get these cravings which are hard to fight.

When do you say enough is enough?

You are so much more than your weight, how much you exercise and what your BMI indicates. Health encompasses more than simply food and exercise. In addition, most diets and meal plans do not factor in your unique style and needs. Through intuitive eating, you can change your perception of health to allow yourself to trust your body, reduce stress around food and fully embrace the movement of your body in exercise. Simply Nutrition provides individualized approaches to best fit your nutrition and health needs. Let your nutrition story be heard and through collaboration, you can restore a more positive view of self and food.

Ready to start this nutrition journey?

Services Offered

Simply Nutrition offers virtual nutrition services for individuals struggling with disordered eating, oncology related issues, prenatal/postpartum care, and general nutrition concerns. All services are offered by registered dietitian, Britt Stoltzfus. Medical Nutrition Therapy is an intervention offered by registered dietitians to provide specific recommendations for disease states. In addition to accountability and support through focusing on nutrition related challenges, Britt provides evidence-based information to provide the best up to date care for your health. She is passionate about incorporating you into the session as an active participant and advocate for your specific health needs. For overall wellness, Britt takes time to explore outside factors such as sleep, stress, support and activity level to see the big picture of how you function best.

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